Need Indentification  
Identify & Customize the training inputs required... aptly to organization. I need help
Behavioral Modification  
People are not flexible & tuning to the Organizational needs... Daily firefighting?
Goal Orientations  
Left as such the organization is towards " 2 punch & 1 lunch" style... High time to re-orient and instill QUALITIVE PRODUCTIVITY...
Managing Change  
Welcoming and attenuation to change (be it in People, Process or Systems)... Need to prepare for a change?
I want to find what's there mind?....
...Are they with me?...
Software Organizations  

Neucleus software , Kcp technologies , Next set, Pinnacle software

Due to the non disclosure agreement entered with client .The software companies intervention details and other organizaton are not mentifont1ad.

Partial list of training & development topics

Attitudinal Development

Role attenuation & alienation

Ego management

Business Communications

Manufacturing Systems & Management

Ambitious Position Aspiration

Inter Personal Relationship & Transactional Analysis

Public Relations

Multi-skill Development


Performance Measurability Index

Balanced score Card


KPA's/KRA's - Role Clarity & Development

Measuring Managerial Efficiency & Effectiveness

Time Management

Productivity Enhancement

Assessment / Development Center

Self Managed Teams

Process Mapping

Daily Work Management

Assertiveness Training

Resource Optimizations

Organization Affiliation Skills

Performance Oriented Organizations

Competency Profiling & Grooming

Multiskill Matrices & Grids

Presentation Skills

Change Management

Emotional Cognizant Skills

Team Building

Goal Convergent Skills

General Etiquette's

Temps & Service Level Agreements

Standing Orders for White Collared Employees

Empowerment & its process

OB & OD interventional need assessment

Interviewing Skills for Technical Managers