Green Fields to Yields  
The initiation of a new business process - the success is clear but the method of ensuring a work culture that performs HIGH - not quite… [ Details ]
Brown Field Approachs  
The business is mature; thriving … yet greater heights that are waiting to be scaled are inexplicably elusive - it's work system you suspect… [ Details ]
Cutting Edge erformance  
The human potential seems cluttered by daily chores and getting it to understand that it needs to work towards the greater vision - the organizational goals is the need of the hour… [ Details ]
Competency and Felt Leadership Development  
Ther's a dearth of teams and leaders who share the company's vision you feel and if only they could be identified and developed [ Details ]
Sizing & Structuring  
The human resources are abudant, response surplus non-optimized and a restructuring you feel will be the magic word... [ Details ]
HR Systems & Internal Customer Satisfactions  
Effectiveness in handling human potential and optimizing its cost is desired with a better holistic perspective - how do I revamp my rapidly aging HR and also create a BUY-IN? [ Details ]



Developing a business process ANEW from the GRASS -0ROOTS is what GFY is all about.

We help you to develop a team based business process that focuses on maximizing performance with optimal utilization of resources. Empowerment of Grass-root leads to gains that where hither to never envisioned. ARMOISE emphasis on resource optimization under radical approach to the process design. Teams are identified and trained to think alike towards the organizational goal as a microcosm.


FOBO plants - one relatively very young (3year old in metro culture) and another 7 year old in a communist setup. Feasibility study for Implementation of better work culture and pruning people for collaborative style of functioning. Aligning Global M&W with People System. Aligning Corporate Team to intervention and "Concept Buy-in" in the operation Team in the Plants.

  • Creating a HIGH PERFORMANCE WORK ENVIRONMENT Starting right at the initial stage of the project.
  • Molding the new business structure into a hierarchy less flat work culture by critical process mapping and elimination of non value adding processes.
  • Building a team based-Self Directed work teams that is.
  • Constantly learning and teaching and performing-thus evolving into a highly adaptable to changes.
  • Empowerment of the Human resources from the very gross roots by aligning each to the vision, strategic intent and the demands of the internal/external customers and providing avenues to risk taking for fighting the existing process.
  • Establishment to transparency and openness through institutionalization of effective communication forums & visual control systems.
  • Emphasis on multi-skilling, multi-tasking & multi-functioning through cross-functional training and job rotation.
  • Induction and training of the most capable with optimization of resources as the prime objective for ensuring a radical change against contemporary setups.
  • Even a seasoned organization after years of inceptions realizes one fine day that ttits performance is not utilized to the optimum level. Here ARMOISE can do wonders to overcome the limitations and enhance the performance levels and better utilization of the investment. A reigned in business, when harnessed and trained to maximum efficiency would undoubtedly take the venture far beyond lines that are now perceived as intrinsic limitations. ARMOISE helps you to redesign your systems and completely renew your approach in thinking not only at the higher levels of hierarch but also at the grassroots. In-short brings you the desired change in the Business Process.



The Brown Field approach encompasses restructuring and realigning your business process. It serves to integrate the various parts of your organization and reign in the human potential for its greatest utilization. What makes BFA unique is that it aims to shatter the existing inherent flaws in the system due to hierarchical distrust, decision centralization and communication hindrances.

The challenge for ARMOISE is not small and the process involves the introduction and implementation of a new way of thinking to which most organizations are unaccustomed. The concept of HRWS is used here shifting the emphasis on to the creation of natural self-motivated and self-enabled teams that work as units that have assimilated the organization's intents and aspirations. Thus achieving these aims become that teams target which are now capable of strategic thinking down to its last member and just the day-to-day chores that the system has assigned to it.


  • ARMOISE creates a flat hierarchy-less organization through process restructuring and redesigning.
  • ARMOISE challenges the status quo by training the human resource towards better team work.
  • Empowerment of grassroots by aligning them to the strategic intent and business objective.
  • ARMOISE innovatively enhances the employee core and functional skills.
  • ARMOISE transforms the traditional managers into handholding teams.
  • Pre-existing communication and visual control systems are evaluated and enhanced.
  • Cross-functional training and job rotation results in multiskilling/tasking/functioning.
  • Creation of Self-managing/self-directed work teams with a clear understanding of the business needs.
  • With the ever changing market demands, organizational goals and aspirations also change. But the employees are often unable to cope with the change and realize the new goals. So how does one get him to perceive the need for change and align him to the new expectations the company has had for him.

Can establishing a link between performance measurement and his level of alignment lead to focused achievement? ARMOISE has witnessed that it does…



ARMOISE aims to bring clarity in the midst of the employee by charting out for him a performance map. The map helps him identify the key result areas and understand the task assigned to him.

We believe in prompting the subject to do the identification by one self thus emphasizing the urgency and magnitude of the need. The performance measurement system is linked to these key Result Areas and their level of achievement thus providing an easier and clearer method of evaluation.


  • Microscopic performance planning originating at the Business vision flowit down to the grass-roots.
  • Creation of position and role clarity (PCRC) in the human resource
  • Creating a buy in for the process and develop internal facilitators.
  • Initiation of a performance measurement standard and process.
  • Developing a method to link the performance to remuneration.

Why not?

A fail proof method, we though, can be conceived to accomplish this near ideal goal with absolute ease. ARMOISE prescribes a focus on the business results linked to the people who make it happen. Each individual is assessed for the skills needed in his own domain for maximized contribution to the organizational goal. Providing the lacking, encouraging the latent and nurturing the promising has served to be the ultimate mantra.



CFLD shifts development focus on


Innovation and radical thinking are what an organization needs to endure. Sometimes the changes are drastic caused by the unpredictable vagaries of the world-market. Often Goliaths find themselves stranded and endangered unable to overhaul their business process due to a culture that has persisted for eons.



ARMOISE's S&S is a far-reaching approach that can bring quantum improvements to the organization in all fronts. The business process of the organization is scrutinized down to the micro levels and a critical viewpoint is presented. Cost and risk analysis is carried out and innovations are chalked out through inspired brain storming sessions.


  • Detailed process mapping and process evaluation
  • Identification of value chain in the process flow
  • Zeroing in on non value adding process
  • Development of strategic resource controlled process
  • Restructuring the process by excision of non value adding processes, enhancement and optimization of existing value chain
  • Redeployment/Phasing out of human resource for maximal output with minimal expenditure
  • Revitalize people thro' appropriate Morale management initiatives

" My HR system is outdated I feel. I am sure to get into trouble if I don't revitalize its way of thinking and I must do it fast! "

HR systems are perhaps the least constant of management practices evolving with great rapidity that sometimes proves must too swift for some organizations to dope with. Even small time lapses in updating the HR process often result in problems of almost unmanageable enormity.

Hence, what is needed is not just a modern system but also a knowledgeable evolving resource that grows with time and thought.



  • ARMOISE 's HR Systems offers the company innumerable options to choose from with the aim of establishing the best of HR practices in the culture.
  • We develop new approaches in system audit and alignment
  • Re evaluating the HR practices and aligning it to the business ideals. Critical view of existing HR and strategic planning for its overhaul
  • HR outsourcing
  • Devising methods for outsourcing of HR functions on all three planes-Operational, Strategic and Tactical based on the needs identified by mapping the existing process
  • HR subsystems enhancement and harnessing
  • Microscopic handling of HR subsystems for the enrichment and development
    Revisiting and vitalizing Service Level Agreements through Internal Customer Satisfaction model