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We are Turnkey Management Consultants specialized in Organization Behavior Development. We have put the manufacturing systems into place through People - Process - Systems integration for leading MNCs like Dr.Reddys, Pepsi, Godrej, Nippo batteries etc., We take care of the organization for 1 to 2 years till the systems start becoming a habit in the people. Our work results in scaling up the profitability through better benchmarking the Productivity, Quality and cost controlled techniques through people and systems. We work on a concept called high performance work systems otherwise also called as Self Managed Teams (SMT) which means hierarchy less lean team.

Book :

1. Organization Development – Interventions in Indian Business (available in all leading book stores)

2. Human Resource Accounting – Quality and Quantity

Research Publications:

1.Nurturing a dream - Implementing Empowered Work Culture in Dr Reddy's Laboratories. human capital. Jan 2003, Pp 36 - 41.

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2. Jack of all Trades - Multiskilling can be the new answer to empowering Organizations and employees . human capital. May' 2000, 22-27.

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3. Beyond Simple Negotiations - Wage settlements can be about productivity, participation and involvement too, as examples of leading companies prove. human capital. Mar' 2000, 26-30.

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4.The Numbers Game - A practical scientific tool to identify and convert indiscipline towards productive utilization. human capital. Feb 2000, Vol 3 No 9 , 42-45.

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5. Attrition who's fault ? Current Labor Reports Sept'2000

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6. Punitive Actions in Labor Liberal Period.Current Labor Reports. Oct 1999, Vol 15 Part 10 , 61-63.

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7.Skill Development - Specialized Training on dealing Statutory Officials. Current Labor Reports April'2001

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8.Attitudinal development. The Indian Journal for Training & Development (Published by ISTD)., Vol XXVIII No.1 Jan - Mar'1998,

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ARMOISE team of consultants with ample aid from their advisors (a list of whom would contain some of the doyens in the management firmament) believes the client satisfaction to be their sole aim. Expanding its horizons relentlessly in a bewilderingly short span of years ARMOISE has been the catalyst for path breaking innovations in some of the most reputed organizations in the Indian soil and venturing into Global Business.

Perhaps we could help you out too ! With the able and expert guidance of ARMOISE consultants, nothing is impossible to explore. The expert path breakers will do the transition and take the organization to new heights.


Partnering with you to the point where expectations are exceeded is what ARMOISE believes in.

Strongly believe that there exist no prepackaged methods and we handhold to construct the best possible solutions to your companies unique culture and position. From Process reengineering to team development, Performance Management to Competency enhancements, ARMOISE question and probes every dimension of your organization in the quest for excellence.

Implementation of radical ideas are our underlying philosophy and our inimitable approach towards client services steer us to dedicate ourselves to a complete growth and development in our client.


All consulting work requires a well knit network of SPECIALISTS in the functional arena. The following are the Consulting Groups, we have WORKED along AS OF NOW, IN THE VARIOUS PROJECTS STATED .

3. CEO

This is a very confidential matter, for INFORMATION ONLY and not for ANY REFERENCE.