Preparing the Executives for longer hours of contribution and reliving them off Stress. Creating a fitment in them with Sound Body and Mind.

The essence of change is about how to make change happen, building corporate experience of successful and unsuccessful change and providing practical insight in to the process of change. Even the most

powerful leaders are highly dependent on the capacity of organization and the people they lead to produce the changes they require. This is only by understanding how people within the organization introspect their potentialities & align attitudinally towards the organizational goals. All this requires with peoples well being as the first priority.


Simulated Exercise - Rope Walking

Exemplary performance and WALK the TALK so that the team takes CHALLENGES and PERFORMS. Process Corrections due to learning is an important feature of this activity. It thrusts individuals to PERFORM and sends messages to the team that they have to perform and no other way.

The pressure brought on the organization by the business environment changes have contributed for the transformation of organizational dealings and the shift is summarized as under:

Power to Idea, Solo to Folk,
Distance to Proximity, short term to long term,
Inward looking to outward looking,
Segmentation to holistic,
Rudimentary and control to autonomy and freedom,
Criticism to support, conformity to experimentation,
Secrecy to openness
The transformational issues have imposed new challenges for the professionals in the recent past; the challenges are instrumental in gearing up the speed of changes

The transformational issues have imposed new challenges for the professionals in the recent past; the challenges are instrumental in gearing up the speed of changes

  Workshop in Progress

LEARN - TEACH - LEARN is the theme. People practice what they learning new and teach others on their expertise. Things which cannot be measured cannot be managed effectively”. Whether the people managing function is erecting real value to bottom line of organizational performance.
Strategic importance of work force makes decision about talent critical to organizational success. Treasures alone are not sufficient, for measures without logic can create information overload, and decision quality rests in the substantial part of the quality measurements. An important element of enhanced global competitiveness is the measurement model for talent that articulates the connection between people and success as well as the context and boundary conditions that affect those connections.


Team Evaluation & Rewards

Preaching on TEAM BUILDING alone doesn’t make FEEL through the Process. Hence activities are simulated and opportunities are created OUTBOUND so that the participants Perform, Motivate, HELP others, Guide the Team to Success. All these are carried out with PEER RATING and EVALUATION.
Talentship & Team Management: Competency based talent spotting in the knowledge based industry as transferred into manufacturing sectors also.

There are at least three markets that firms must compete within in order to be successful: capital market, the customer market/product market, there is no decision science to measure talent ship & Team Management even though HR has a rich set of professional practices.


  Performance & Evaluation

Performance is a variable. The benchmarks of Performance is also a dynamic stage. Hence Participants are led through activities which enthuses them to compete healthily and contribute as team, taking care of the pitfalls of their team members.

Summary of Some Changes:

Work unit-
changes from functional department to process teams.

People’s role
- changes from control to empowerment

Compensation policy- changes from activity to results

Values- changes from proactive to productive Executive

Role- changes from score keepers to leaders Job

Preparation- changes from training to education

Organizational structure- changes from hierarchical to flat


Faculties and Coordinators

Facilitators create stretches and live through them so that DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP attributes are felt in others. Instill in participants that contribution is given more importance than spending time. Train the coordinators to become Faculties for the second line training, so that the organization has continuity of training and coverage to the maximum of the organization.



  Presentation and Evaluation

We insist in not rationalizing the point of contention, but clarity of thinking, Problem identification, Problem Solving Techniques, Customized way of applications of SPC / SQC / DELPHI tools or EXPERT evaluation techniques to suit the culture prevailing in the organization. Ultimately what is required is the CHANGE for PEPPING the ORGANIZATION on PERFORMANCE MODE and nothing else.



The Tomorrow's LEADERS are to be equipped with the orientation of handling the Organization as a whole. In addition to IN BASKET exercises the individuals are inducted as DESIGNATE PLANT Head's. Value creation is a key issue as business more move towards materialistic propositions. If we have knowledgeable and experienced work force, the need for supervision diminishes.

Organization would like to have more and more knowledge work force with total empowered teams emphasize for supervision decreasing. No doubt, the supervisors will be extinct species one fine morning, if the trend continues in the business trend.


  Child Stage Creations

Transactional Analysis of identifying the stages of the Human EGO states and bettering the returns in each state of PERCEPTION, ATTITUDE & MOTIVES etc., were guided . Importance for Performing and SELF evaluation and Progressive BENCH MARKING are the key factors of the activity.