INTEC SOLUTION provides outsourcing solutions in client lifecycle management that are designed to improve operational performance and lower overall costs.
INTEC outsourcing services can provide companies with the following business benefits:

  • Performance Improvement – strapping up the deep domain knowledge and applying expertise to design launch and manage a world-class operation that delivers better results than to achieve internally.
  • Cost Reduction – relating factors such as economies-of-scale, process re-design and improvement, representative utilization, advanced customer interaction tools and infrastructure, and low-cost labor markets.
  • Flexibility – design customized solution that meets specific requirements and make swift modifications to outsourced program without hassle or pushback.
Organizations are rapidly adopting business process outsourcing (BPO) as a viable means to reduce operating costs, focus on core competencies, and move from a fixed to a variable cost model. The practice of outsourcing certain repetitive, non-core processes to specialists who have economies-of-scale advantages has been around for many years. It is only recently that companies have been able to take full advantage of overseas labor markets to achieve vivid cost savings. INTEC can operate centers in high-opportunity offshore labor markets, onshore and near-shore locations, enabling companies to achieve competitive advantage by dramatically lowering their cost of operations while improving quality, productivity and revenues.
INTEC is founded on the principle that business functions and management methods could be radically enhanced by using comprehensive employment and the assimilation of superior technologies. Our enterprise back office services allow clients to focus on tactical tasks while outsourcing the management and/or execution of non value-adding processes to INTEC. These processes typically involve transaction processing of high volume, repeatable, labor intensive tasks that dominate the back-office. The services are either managed completely by INTEC, whereby we own all operational aspects of the back office function, or are co-sourced with both INTEC and the client managing different aspects together.
INTEC services are facilitated by a process-oriented workflow platform that can be configured to accommodate onshore, near-shore and offshore processing requirements. Voice-based activities can also be easily integrated into the program.
Receiving and scanning invoices; Data capture from scanned documents; Secure access to scanned images and electronic data; Approval and exceptions processing; 3-way matching; Payments processing including checks and electronic fund transfers; Travel & Expenses management.
Capture and collection of billing data via multiple media – postal mail / telephone / fax / email; Confirmation and completion of billing data; Processing the billing cycles; outbound correspondence / notifications.
Order Receipt including receipt and scanning of Purchase Orders / Proof of Delivery documents; Data capture from scanned documents; safe access to scanned images and electronic data; Credit Verification; generate and administer customer information; Auto-application and manual application of receipts; Research and application of unapplied funds; Query resolution; Collections management / aging analysis.
General Accounting
General Ledger management; Fixed Asset management; Account reconciliation; Management Accounting; Financial statements and reporting.
INTEC Order Management concentrates on activities that tend to be high volume, labor-intensive and/or transactional in nature. INTEC integrates front-end contact center services when necessary, and gives clients the flexibility to choose whether agents should be located onshore, near-shore or offshore. Services provided include Order entry, Invoicing, Handling Return Material Authorizations, Processing credits and rebates, Receipt and scanning of paper orders, Secure access to scanned images and electronic data, Data verification and exception processing for electronic orders, Payments processing, Order fulfillment, and Data Analytics.
Companies across industries globally are faced with supply chain issues such as high cost processes, minimal time to improve or establish more cost-effective vendor relationships, and fluctuating volumes. INTEC supply chain services are focused on addressing these issues and converting the fixed costs associated with labor-intensive, transactional supply chain activities into significantly lower variable costs for our clients. Services include planning and forecasting of materials requirements, sourcing of goods and services for best price and availability, and procurement of materials and supplies. INTEC provides flexibility in managing staffing requirements addresses the client’s issue of cyclical business volume.
INTEC provides research and analytics services including primary and secondary market research, financial modeling and analysis, competitive intelligence, customized research leveraging secondary sources, management of content databases / lists, and data analytics along with associated implementation of recommendations.
INTEC services are designed to support the specific needs of financial institutions and other firms involved in residential mortgages. This includes Loan Origination, Loan Servicing, Tax Servicing and Underwriting processes. These services provide clients with significant cost reduction for a number of tasks and activities such as data entry, verification of employment, title requests, loan payoff processing, delinquent payment management, and several more. It also reduces the cost of certain fee-based services which in turn enhances the competitiveness and profitability of clients whose earnings are primarily derived from fees.

Services can be performed remotely by agents who have access to the client’s own systems, or by leveraging process-oriented workflow platform. The solution can be configured to accommodate onshore, near-shore and offshore processing requirements, and when necessary, can also include integration with front-end contact center services. In addition, our flexibility with managing staffing requirements enables our clients to offload the risks of fixed costs and manage the cyclical volumes in the industry.
Loan initiation processes:
  • Document Review
  • Third Party Ordering
  • Title Review
  • Loan Underwriting
Loan service processes include:
  • Servicing customer inquiries / Welcome calls / Late Payment calls
  • Escrow administration
  • Tax / insurance management
  • Payoffs, Default processing and Collections

Companies across the industry are faced with issues such as controlling the high costs of processes such as new business management, claims processing and policy administration. INTEC services leverage an integrated image-based workflow system to provide high quality with dramatic cost reductions through services that can be blended across multiple geographies if required.

Processing policy enrollments and applications, new business support including mail handling /file preparation /policy number assignment, submission and verification of compliance /license /related forms, and policy /contract issuance including final verification /file updates /notifications /in-force placement.
Policy Administration
  Managing changes in coverage, address changes, premium changes, and policy cancellations
Claims Processing
Managing new claim requests /First Notice Of Loss, Imaging /scanning of claim documents, Case Setup including case creation /requirements update /analyst assignment, Pre-adjudication of claims, Claim Analysis, and Co-ordination for final claim decision.
Underwriting and Adjudication
Policy underwriting including reviews /risk assessment /quotes /declines; Claims adjudication including the claims analysis, initiation and review of referrals, review of pended claims, ordering requirements, final claim decision, and correspondence /notification.
Payments Processing
  Processing premium refunds, benefits disbursement, payments processing and system updates.
Billing Exceptions
Processing payment delays and policy cancellations; Carrying out the associated account reconciliation activities including system updates and correspondence /notifications.
Mailroom Management
Enabling a Digital Mailroom for clients – including a Dedicated PO Box, Mail Receipt, Outbound Mail Management, Mail Sorting and Preparation for Digitization /Imaging
Imaging / Scanning / Data Entry
Providing imaging /scanning of policy and claims documents, indexing and data capture of the scanned documents utilizing OCR /ICR technologies as well as manual data entry, and secure access to the scanned images and electronic information.
Organizations across the industry are faced with the issue of managing the complicated billing paperwork environment which has resulted in a paper-based, labor intensive revenue cycle that is inefficient, costly, and ineffective. Leakages in the revenue cycle result in healthcare organizations struggling simply to secure the money they have already earned. INTEC services are designed to optimize the company’s revenue cycle management by leveraging continuous process improvements and technology innovations.
  • Scheduling and Registration of Patients including verification and completion of personal / financial / insurance and eligibility information.
  • Medical Coding and Charge Capture including data capture of diagnosis / procedures / associated codes, post coding reviews, posting charges, processing duplicate charges and wrong charges.
  • Insurance Follow-up including follow-up with insurance payers on claims with no status, completion and confirmation of required claim information, management of denials and partial payments, and negotiation for proper payments.
  • Billing and Payments Processing including accurate posting of payments, account reconciliation, processing of contractual adjustments, claim submission to secondary insurance payers, and billing of patients for co-insurance / deductible / exhausted benefits.
INTEC provides services in support of e-commerce transactions and e-payment tools at significantly reduced costs by leveraging its global service delivery locations. Services include website quality assurance, data management, customer account maintenance, shipment confirmations and credit processing for returned items, accounting entries, and reconciliation services, among others. INTEC also provides fraud monitoring and detection services for e-transactions. The INTEC team performs the services remotely with authorization to access client systems. Where ever required, programs can also be configured to take advantage of process-oriented workflow platform.
Technology’s proliferation within the business, home, personal communications and entertainment environments is causing a tremendous increase in the demand for first-rate technical support capabilities. Often, the companies that develop and market technical products and services do not have the in-house expertise, resources or desire to operate a high-quality support center. These companies are increasingly turning to outsourced service providers to help them deliver post-sales technical support to their customers. INTEC provides technical support services to some of the world’s leading technology companies. We’ve established a reputation in the high-technology industry as one of the most credible accomplished and creative providers of outsourced technical support services by consistently delivering on our commitments and scoring high customer satisfaction marks for our clients.
Assembling all of the pieces needed to deliver top-notch customer care to your customers can be difficult and expensive. Customers expect “round the clock” access to a customer service team as well as a choice of ways to contact them – either online or by telephone. And once they reach you, they want the information that they are looking for, to be provided to them immediately. Not delivering on any of these expectations could potentially give your customer a reason to stop doing business with your company – or worse, switch to your competition. INTEC can build a multi-channel customer care operation to handle your customer inquiries and provide the level of service they demand. During our due diligence process, we will develop a full understanding of your customer service objectives so that we can design and build a customized contact center operation that meets all of your requirements. INTEC will build a customer care solution to provide telephone, e-mail and chat support from a choice of one or a combination of locations around the world.
  1. Pre Sales Inquires ]
  2. Billing Support
  3. Shopping Assistance
  4. Refunds, returns and rebates
  5. Shipping / Delivery
  6. Order Inquires
  7. Payments
  8. Accounts Information
  9. Insurance Claim Handling
  10. Reservations
  11. Warranty Entitlement
Building and running a high-quality I.T. Help Desk is a challenging, expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Huge investments – even for a relatively small help desk - in infrastructure, technical training, problem tracking and management, processes control and operations management are required to maintain acceptable service levels. Outsourcing select corporate help desk functions can provide an effective means to reduce support costs while simultaneously improving end-user confidence and satisfaction in the support organization. Choosing an experienced service provider that specializes in advanced, tightly controlled end-user support is key to making a seamless transition to a successful, efficient support operation, leaving I.T. Managers to focus on more mission-critical initiatives.
INTEC offers a turn-key enterprise help desk solution for companies looking to offload the burden of managing an internal help desk. We provide complete support services for the most common end user problems:
  • Operating systems
  • Shrink-wrapped applications
  • Departmental/business applications
  • E-mail
  • Network connectivity and navigation
  • Basic network administration (i.e. password resets, account maintenance, etc.)
  • Hardware (desktop/notebook/peripheral) diagnosis and desk side dispatch
  • Remote user access
  • Corporate I.T. policy
INTEC handles each and every technical support request from employees and maintains tenure of their issue until it is resolved and the employee is satisfied with the resolution. This closed-loop sole point of contact which ensures that all the end user requests will be properly acknowledged, classify and managed to conclusion, and their technical support expectations are being sufficiently met.
Our enterprise help desk service is delivered with the following:
  • Levels I and II help desk personnel
  • On-shore/near-shore/off-shore delivery options
  • Web-based case management application
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Cutting-edge contact center technology infrastructure
  • Closed-loop case management
  • All domestic inbound/outbound telephone charges included
  • Full-scope call handling and incident reporting
  • 7x24x365 live coverage
  • Process workflow, escalation and onsite dispatch management
  • Rapid deployment
INTEC helps companies increase sales productivity and promotion ROI, while lowering client acquisition costs by offering a unique set of Account Management services. Our Account Management submission includes the following:


INTEC will build and manage a dedicated sales function that closes deals over the telephone. We’ll perform like your internal sales group, reporting to a sales or marketing manager at your company, building a budget and a forecast and delivering the number. INTEC typically focuses on new customer acquisition and is measured on a combination of targets, such as monthly gross revenue, number of orders, cost-of-acquisition and average revenue per order.
Lead Generation
INTEC will generate, qualify, and nurture leads for your products and services from within midsize and large accounts. Our lead generation team will distribute leads to your appropriate sales contacts (direct or channel) then track the lead as it progresses through the sales cycle. INTEC can integrate this team with your existing sales and marketing infrastructure.
Cross-Sales/Up-Sales (Cross-Sell /Up-Sell)
Cross-Sell/Up-Sell is a revenue-generating, outsourced sales solution that uncovers incremental sales opportunities from within your current customer base. This solution integrates professional telesales with database marketing, automated customer communication and business rules to deliver highly-effective cross-sell and up-sell programs for our clients. Cross-Sell/Up-Sell is an economical and scalable way for companies to market products and services to their existing customers without having to expand internal staff resources or disrupt existing sales personnel from more strategic objectives.
Service Contract Renewals
INTEC will manage the entire warranty renewal sales process including all database management, customer communication, sales consultation, order processing, and contract fulfillment and reporting. INTEC will generate service contract revenue from current customers by:
  • Renewing paid service contracts prior to expiration
  • Selling new support contracts to customers whose original product warranty is coming to an end
  • Reactivating out-of-coverage accounts (who are not currently covered by any paid support plan)
  • Upgrading customers to higher-value service contracts