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With the advent of changes in Technological usages and adaptability of Human Race with the revolutionary scientific inventions, man became cleverer over time and through experience. This creative upgradation initiated the cropping up of newer techniques that needed to handle with the changing scenarios
IDENTIFICATION which is the most important DATA CAPTURE part of any Information systems starting from any in-house development to commercial production houses in the APPLICATIONS with the VANILA skills (C, C++, Java, Dot Net etc.,) or any advance ERP packages (SAP, Oracle, Siebel etc.,). The success of ERP implementations with any of these Packages were completely dependent on the INPUT. The reliability on acquiring the right INPUT led to the processing of an authenticated OUPUT.
The ERP implementations which had a serious Change Management requisite of the existing PEOPLE - PROCESS - SYSTEM orientations were delayed for GO-LIVE because of these errant data faltering.
Prof. Krishnan Umachandran who was the Client (Oracle) Project Manager & Change Manager for the implementation of Oracle HRMS & Payroll modules in the Country wide implementation of the Ministry of Defence, UPDF, Uganda had personally experienced this during the largest scale of Licenses by ORACLE in AFRICA (200,000)- 2006-07 (using BIOMETRIC). He was also involved in the SAP implementation at L&T duing the period 1998-2000 (Manual fed data).
Hence to evolve a better and sure PROJECT MANAGEMENT in ERP projects and also to serve the community with the benefits of IT revolution, the team KODI RFID came into existence. The team is highly capable and experienced with extensive exposure to GLOBAL footing and requirements.
Though the initial Process development and Project orientations are with RFID technology, the team believes in sync of other Identification systems such as BIOMETRICS & IRIS detection etc of delivering AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS. Thereby the Verification, Identification and Application phases are well taken care.
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