International Technology (INTEC) Solution is a registered Company under the Registrar of Companies in Uganda as "Intec Solution (Uganda) Ltd.,".
Intec is specialized in delivering solutions which are for the TOP LEADERS of the BUSINESS and "benefit the intend".
Intec has capability and experience in catering to varied requirements of the People - Organization - System - Society.
Intec is not shy in accepting "What it cannot deliver". But it is very sharp in associating itself with Network partners, so as to adopt adept service providers and facilitate to the "Satisfaction of the Customer Expectations and Deliver beyond"
Intec has its roots in Uganda, through the association with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in its Computerization Project named Integrated Resource Information Systems (IRMIS) for the UPDF
IRMIS was a US$ 4.8 Million project funded by the World Bank for Modernization and Technology Upgradation of the Armed Forces in Uganda. UPDF made a global request for proposals from leading Information and Communication Technology firms across the world. ORACLE the leading Enterprise resource Planning (ERP) software provider was chosen to implement the same. To provide CHANGE MANAGEMENT services our Principal Consultant (Prof. K. Umachandran) was chosen to deliver the services for ORCALE in the project. In addition to the Change Management, Project Management and Capacity Building were additional responsibilities of entrust in the above mentioned project.
We believe in SYNERGY and have experienced the hard way, that to work within CORE COMPENTENCY domain creates more versatility and better GOAL DELIVERY. Our Core Competency is set to focus on VALUE ADDITION to the Clientele Services we undertake, hence all the "Technology" oriented projects shall be carried out by INTEC while all the "Change Management" and "Organization Development" Initiatives shall be though ARMOISE. This creates flexibility in JOB ROTATION, JOB ENLARGEMENT & ENRICHMENT for our consultants. Further more it promotes CROSS LEARNING and SYMBIOTIC GROWTH and EXPERTISIM development in the team.
Our Organization Development Consultancy experience spans over many enterprises and organizations covering a diverse arena, people, culture and civilization. For further information log on to
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